The Right Sound for Cocktail Hour

Last year, while attending a friend’s wedding, my wife and I were taken aback by the simplicity and beauty of the wedding’s cocktail hour entertainment. The ambiance for the event was set by a single wedding violinist that truly enhanced the occasion. While the music was fantastic, it never overwhelmed the guests that were enjoying drinks and casual conversation. In other receptions that we had attended in the past, full bands provided excellent music that was appropriate for the occasion, but the guests regularly had to raise their voices above the volume of the music. In this particular case, the soft music augmented the experience of having a few drinks and conversing with friends. After the cocktail hour, everyone was ready for a great dinner and the full ensemble’s performance for dancing and the real celebration.


The aliens have invaded Jupiter and NASA has no idea why they would want to land on Jupiter. It turns out that Jupiter is made from ear wax removal Manchester and the aliens use it to fuel there spaceships. However, that leaves the United States in deep concern because what happens when they run out of ear wax. Will they start to invade Earth and take people to get the ear wax out of their ears? Would we be able to protect Earth if they started to invade? Everyone had so many questions but very few answers. No one knew what to do. Someone came up with a plan for the world to clean their ears and shot the q-tips into space so they could have all the ear wax they could want.

A Special Gift for My Special Lady

One week from today, I will be celebrating the marriage between by wife and I. We met in high school, started dating in our senior year, and continued dating throughout our individual four years of college. After we both graduated college, I proposed to her on our dating anniversary. She accepted my proposal without hesitation. We married six months later in a wonderful ceremony performed before our friends and family.

Next week is the one-year anniversary of our wedding. To celebrate this special occasion, I have decided to do the ‘typical’ by sending my wife flowers at her work. Although sending flowers on an anniversary is considered cliched by some, I know that when she receives her flowers, her face will light up.

To help me, I have hired the expertise of a local Harrogate florist. I do not know a lot about flowers, so having the help of a professional has made the process much easier. After spending an hour at the shop, I created what I believe to be the perfect bouquet to send to my wife.

When Scarlett Got Fired

It was a dark day when Scarlett got fired from her job as an electric violinist at Club Fantastico. It really should not have come as a surprise, after all the market for this type of musician was somewhere between slim and none. Despite this, Scarlett found herself immensely disappointed that she had lost her job, not because she could no longer pay her bills, but because she generally enjoyed her work. She could always go back to her previous job working the customer service desk at Barnes and Noble, or better yet go back to school and get a real degree, but she didn’t want to do that, all she wanted to do was play music. Against her better judgement, she picked up her electric violin, walked outside and setup on the street hoping to make a few dollars while she plotted her next move.

Go Blow Your Horn

One day I was sitting in a small cafe in Nashville, Tennessee when I heard the strains of a sad refrain filtering in on the soft breeze. I quickly paid my bill and began following the sad sounds through the streets of the city. I could hear the music growing louder as I rapidly approached. There before me was the most amazing blues saxophonist Manchester I have ever heard. I waited patiently until he finished playing his song. The Blues had always fascinated me and I could not wait to speak to him.

‘Sir that was amazing!’ I exclaimed. ‘I have so many questions I would like to ask you.’

‘What’s on your mind?’ He asked patiently.

‘Where do you get your inspiration from?’ I waited with baited breath.

‘The Blues are all around you, you just need to listen.’ He replied.

I rifled my questions off one after another. ‘Do you have any other advice for me?’

‘Sure kid go blow your horn. I’m not making any money with your around.’

How I Lost My Hearing

As a guitarist for a local rock band in Florida, I knew that one day my hearing will soon fade away. However, I never did anything to try and prevent it. I loved music and people would always find me wearing headphones and listening to some kind of music. The nice thing about being in a rock band was that I was always the ‘center of attention,’ until I started to feel like I just couldn’t hear the music that well anymore. At first I thought that it was all mental, but then I started to really see the difference when people would talk to me and I would have to ask them what they said. This is when I researched about hearing aids Stockport and how they can help me with my situation. After a couple months of searching for a decent doctor, I finally got my hearing aid and I am now back on stage.